Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty | Apply for IGCR Clearance
Learn how to register for IGCR and import goods at concessional duty rates. Follow our step-by-step guide for a seamless IGCR application process.
Customs Special Valuation Branch - SVB
Learn about SVB registration with our comprehensive guide to the Special Valuation Branch. Simplify the process and ensure compliance with our expert services.
IEC Reactivation
IEC Renewal | IEC Reactivation
Unable to Import or Export due to a deactivated IEC? We have helped 100+ businesses like you reactivate their IECs in less than 24 hours.
Get EPR Registration - Featured Image
Get EPR Registration for Plastic Waste
The Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 (As amended 20222), introduced EPR (Extended Producers Responsibility) with the goal of ensuring processing of plastic packaging waste. Get EPR Registration for your Business.
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Individual Class 3 DSC
Need a Class 3 DSC Digital Signature Certificate for your business? Get it within 24 hours. At JPARKS INDIA we are Emudhra Partners, and can get the DSC for your at the fastest and most affordable rates. Contact us now!
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Get Certificate of Origin | Preferential & Non Preferential
Need a Certificate of Origin for your Export or Import? Look no further, at JPARKS we provide preferential and Non preferential COOs at the best rates. Contact us to know more!
Image displaying wireless components
WPC | Wireless Product Certificate
Importing goods with wireless functionality into India, you need to obtain a WPC before doing so. Contact us today to get your WPC license in place!
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Get BIS | Bureau of Indian Standards
Need BIS for your products? At JPARKS INDIA, we help you get BIS for all your goods at the best rates. Contact us now!
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Need to reactivate your IEC on the DGFT portal? The IEC Based DGFT DSC is what you need to move forward hassle free. Contact us now to get your DGFT DSC within 24 hours.
Feature Image Registration of Foreign Company in India
Registration of Foreign Company in India
Want to expand your companies presence in the Indian market? Learn everything you need to know about registration of foreign company in India!
Container ship carrying containers near port
Importer of Record Services
As an importer of record we Import goods into India on your behalf & deliver them to your desired location. We handle everything from legal compliance to last mile delivery to ensure timely & safely clearance of your Imported goods. Ideal service if you are planning to import for the first time.
Apply for IEC
Apply for IEC | Get Import Export Code
Looking to start your Import Export Business? Getting an IEC is mandatory to get into EXIM trade. We help you apply and get your Import Export Code within 24 hours.
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Bank Registration for Export Promotion Incentives
Want to claim benefits of duty drawback and various other schemes under FTP? You need to register your Bank Account for Export Promotion Incentives. Contact us now to register your Bank Account on IceGate Potal.
Apply for IEC
AD Code Registration
Want to register your AD code on the IceGate Portal for Import or Export? Contact us now and we'll get it registered within 4-5 days.
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Icegate Registration
Want to register on the IceGate portal? The smallest mistake can end up in a rejection. To avoid wasting time, get in touch with us and we'll help you get registered on IceGate withing 4 working days!
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